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Health Ministry -
Our congregation strives to promote health, healing and wholeness in the community we serve, knowing that our faith affects our health, our choices and our life outlook.  As a part of the Health Ministry, our Faith Community Nurse Sharon King, RN, FCN, is available by appointment and after most Sunday morning worship services to provide blood pressure monitoring, health education, counseling, referrals or prayer for healing.  In addition, other health ministers or deacons are available.

Faith Community Nurse (FCN) - Flowing from our congregation's mission and vision, Faith Community Nurses (or Parish Nurses) strive to promote healthy lifestyles for all ages, advocate for excellent care for the sick and encourage justice within healthcare.

- FCN's are not hospital or home health nurses, and usually volunteer within the congregation. They recognize spiritual health is at the core of a person's well-being, even if that person has a physical disease. They can promote health and wholeness, provide health education, counseling and referrals, coordinate volunteers, and advocate for the congregation and community it serves.

Nurses in a congregation? - Caring, love, meaning and purpose in life are basic to the tenets of our faith. Our history is rooted in healing and wholeness. We can broaden the definition of health far beyond a medical model—knowing that our faith affects our health, our choices, and our outlook on life.


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