What's Center all About?

Center Baptist is a family church, welcoming people of all ages who want to know and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Our desire is to be a place of worship for all our neighbors, to be a light-house for Jesus to Midtown Omaha. 

Center Baptist is a mission-focused church, inviting every member to be part of Christ's work to make disciples of every nation. We are here to live in a way that demonstrates the reality of God and His eternal Word, the Bible.

Center Baptist is affiliated with the Baptist General Conference (Converge Worldwide),  which began in the mid-1800's as a denomination of Swedish Baptists, and is now an international fellowship of Baptist churches, with headquarters in Orlando, FL.

Center Baptist is part of the 
Heartland District of the Baptist General Conference, along with five other churches in the greater Omaha area.

Center Baptist was founded in 1896 in South Omaha, as the Swedish Baptist Church of Omaha.  It became the Southside Baptist Church in 1925, holding services only in English. In 1956, the church again changed its name to Center Baptist Church when it was moved from South Omaha to the present location at 41st & Frances St. 

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